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Polished glaze tiles category

Polished glaze tiles


 Glazed tile is a kind of special formula glaze that can perform the polishing process in the glaze. It is the last glaze applied to the antique tiles. At present, it is generally a transparent glaze or a transparent convex glaze, applied to glaze The polished glazed tiles combine the advantages of polished tiles and antique tiles. The glazed surfaces are smooth and bright like polished tiles. At the same time, the glazed designs are rich in patterns like antique bricks, and the colors are heavy or beautiful.

       The glazed products combine the advantages of three products: polished tiles, antique tiles, and ceramic tiles。 The products completely release the dullness of the glazed tiles, solve the defects of the half-brick bricks, and have the gloss of the polished tiles。 Degrees, porcelain hardness, but also has a high imitation effect of glazed antique tiles, and a rich glazed tile printing effect。

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